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Course Completed:
X-Ray & CT Scan Technician
Views: Cordial environment and very good courses where teachers share their professional experiences.

Course Completed
: X-Ray & CT Scan Technician
Views: I belong to a very small village of Jharkhand. I passed my +2 from a school in Jharkhand. I got the reference of Sanjeevni Institute from one of my relative and joined this institute. This institute gave a new path to my career. Now I am working as a CT Scan Technician and getting a salary of Rs 8000/-.
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Course Detail:
  •  In depth knowledge of subjects in physiotherapy and medical sciences.
  • Research in musculo-skeletal, sports, neuro-muscular, geriatrics, pediatrics, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Assessment, examination, diagnosis making, treatment, advice, to the patients of orthopedic disorder/ dysfunction, degeneration conditions, handicapped, neurological problems / impairments, pediatrics abnormalities, cardiovascular surgeries, abdominal, surgeries, sports injuries, respiratory disease are to name few areas
  •  Extending the physiotherapy expertise to all sectors of the community.
  •  Developing disciplined, skilled physiotherapy professional as per international standards.
  •  Fostering healing –helping hands relationship with patients.
Duration of Course:
1 Year.
Entry Qualification:
Passed 10 th class examination.
Fee Structure
Semester 1       30,000.00
Semester 2       30,000.00


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