Course Completed:
X-Ray & CT Scan Technician
Views: Cordial environment and very good courses where teachers share their professional experiences.

Course Completed
: X-Ray & CT Scan Technician
Views: I belong to a very small village of Jharkhand. I passed my +2 from a school in Jharkhand. I got the reference of Sanjeevni Institute from one of my relative and joined this institute. This institute gave a new path to my career. Now I am working as a CT Scan Technician and getting a salary of Rs 8000/-.
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Dialysis Technician  
Course Detail:
Dialysis technician’s main job is to operate hemodialysis machines to perform dialysis treatment for patients that have kidney failure. Hemodialysis machines carry patient’s blood through tubes containing a water, sugar solution that sterilizes the blood and brings it back to the patients body.
  • Mix sterilization solution
  • Set up dialysis machine
  • Take patient history
  • Record blood pressure
  • Determine pulse rate
  • Monitor patient’s reaction
  • Inspects dialysis machine
Other important tasks of dialysis technicians include cleaning the area where the blood will be extracted, explaining the procedure and calculating blood flow and fluid removal. They also record the patient’s condition before and after the procedure by noting temperature, blood pressure, weight and respiratory rate.

Duration of Course:
1 Year.
Entry Qualification:
Passed 10 th class examination.
Fee Structure:
Semester 1       35,000.00
Semester 2       35,000.00



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